Feels So Right................Feel Like Makin Love

July 9, 2008

TLC part 1

Renee dropped her purse and kicked off her heels as she slammed her door shut. Her keys rolled off the purse and jingled as they fell on the floor. She turned around to twist the deadbolt into the lock position. Satisfied for her relative safety, she made for the refrigerator and pulled out the small container of pineapple orange juice. Her red power blazer drifted to the floor in front of the sink. Normally she was meticulous with her housekeeping…but none of that mattered right now. She was too angry to care about anything but trying to relax at the moment.
She unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the ivory lace camisole underneath. The red skirt was about to drop to the floor, but after a long sip of the juice she decided against it. A long, warm bubble bath was her deep desire at the moment. The skirt would come off in the bathroom.
Renee took a look at her brown briefcase lying near the door. She sneered at it, told it to go to Hell, and continued to her living room. She realized the tumbler was empty. More juice wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. She reached for a bottle of Shiraz instead, filling the glass nearly two-thirds full. The proper type of drinking vessel did not matter to her at the moment. The fact that she’d just lost an important bid for a lucrative company did. She continued to mentally rake herself over the coals, playing out every possible scenario she could to make the outcome different, but none of it mattered. The fact was she’d lost the client; and, for now, she needed to nurse her wounds. Tomorrow she’d pour over every bit of information she has for the almost-client. Maybe a good night’s sleep would give her a fresh perspective over the debacle. Maybe it was salvageable. Maybe.
She sipped the wine as she made her way to her living room-and did a double-take when she realized who was lounging on her couch. “Heath!” she nearly dropped her glass.
Heath was stretched out in total comfort; hands behind his head, shirt on the floor next to the coffee table, Levis still on, cowboy boots next to the shirt, his long legs crossed and resting on the coffee table, socks still on his feet. He soaked in her beauty for a moment, starting with her feet. The silly grin on his face disappeared when he got to her face. It was obvious she’d been crying; mascara streaked halfway down both cheeks. He bounced off the couch immediately and took her in his arms. She willingly accepted his comfort. He wasn’t supposed to be in town for another week, but didn’t care at the moment. On his shoulder she let loose and cried. She’d never cried in front of him before…but, again. At this moment she couldn’t care less about her looks. He held her tighter, not saying a word, knowing she would tell him what happened when she was ready. He gently moved her toward the couch. They both sat down, still hugging, and when he was comfortably seated he pulled her into his lap. She could hear him murmuring soothing words, but the tears were coming so fast she couldn’t understand what he was saying. His left hand rubbed her back lightly. Such a comfort. She didn’t know what brought him to her a week early…and it didn’t matter. She was grateful for his presence; he was a source of great comfort at the moment.

July 7, 2008

Yeah, I am exhausted.


Our weekend together was indescribable...although I am getting some much needed rest right now...got the next two hours or so off...I can't stop thinking about you. I've got some time off coming up. We are definitely going to go some place sunny and lazy...and private. I'm going to do things to you you've never even imagined before. You stuffy investment banker types...putty in my hands. And you know you love every second of it...Dammit. I'm supposed to be recouperating right now...but thinking of you in that red number is irritating a part of my body that should be totally exhausted...Soon, Renee. Very, very soon...


June 10, 2008

Playclothes for Heath

Had a great time shopping today, Heath. You're going to enjoy my purchases. I can't get you off my mind. Monday I'm going to put the finishing touches on my presentation for the client I'm after. She's going to be really, really tough. I'm confident. I'll just feel so much better when you're back in town. I know you're so busy right now...it was so sweet of you to call this afternoon just to say hi.

You know, I'm thinking vacation. A real, two-week vacation somewhere sunny and lazy. After landing my last client I thought I was hungry for more. I am...but...a break from the financial world would be good right now. Especially during these chaotic times. We're going to fully discuss this when you get back in town.

In the meantime...just thought I'd give you a little preview of what you can expect. Of course, I'm not revealing all! You'll just have to use your imagination as to what's in store for you...I promise you will not be disappointed.

June 9, 2008

Dear Heath:

Dear Heath:

I landed the client! Sure did! I knew two minutes into my presentation that he was mine. I'm on such a natural high right now...the only thing that would make me feel any better right now would be seeing you. But I know you can't be here. So I'm going to stay in tonight, have a glass of champagne, and plot out how we are going to celebrate this when you get back in town (is it twelve days from now?)
Oh, Heath. I love what I do. And I love when everything goes just like it's supposed to. Like this morning. I took the afternoon off and spent a little time with my friend Erica. Her son Marc has grown so much...it seems like she just had him and he is already six months old. So cute! So not for me right now, though. Diapers and baby food and nursing and...ewe...nope. Give me a couple of potential clients and I am at my best. I've already got someone else in mind to woo over to my company. She's going to be tough, though. But, as always, I will do my homework thoroughly. Don't know if it will go my way again, but I'm going to give it my best shot. I'll probably start my preliminary research tonight. After my glass of champagne.
You keep yourself safe, sweetie. I expect you to be in one piece when we get together...so, be careful. Please!
Sweetest of dreams to you tonight, my sweetie.


June 7, 2008

My Dear Cowboy

I love this song! Thanks for finding it for me...I'm listening to it right now. Two more weeks! Well, minus a day now, I suppose. That's fine. Monday is my big presentation day...my ultimate sales pitch, if you will. If I land this client I'm not going to have to worry about working for a while. Although you and I know that feeling will last for about...oh...two minutes, and then I'll be out searching for even bigger clients. I'm very comfortable and confident with this. For good luck I'm going to wear the tiny rose pin you gave me...on the strap of my red bra. See! Only you and I will know it's there.
This one's going to work, Heath. I just know it. And I'll add it to my list of accomplishments. But I'm thinking of you and how I'm going to reward you. You want me in white satin? Not a problem. You've got the key. I'll be waiting in our bed...with a few surprises you'll really enjoy...my gorgeous cowboy. Please be sure and wear those brown boots and the black hat...hmm...we're going to have a lot to celebrate!

Your city girl,

June 6, 2008

To Renee From Heath

While playing on my computer I came across some of that mushy stuff you like. Ok, I know I'll pay for that later. But...you know, I like this one, too. Maybe you should visit Vicky's Secret again...something in white...satin, that is. I'll be in town in two weeks. I'm counting the hours...


June 5, 2008


I light the raspberry-scented candle from Bath and Bodyworks and toss the lighter across the room. I sit on the edge of my bed, gazing intently into the flame. My goal is to clear all outside thoughts from my brain; to focus solely on the fire. I watch as it slowly dances and sways, pulling me into a hypnotic trance. All outside thoughts quietly drift away…until fire is the only word repeating over and over in my mind.
I’m already fully prepared. I’ve soaked, scrubbed, shaved, blow-dried, lotioned, moisturized, and applied the special strawberry-flavored oil to my sensitive areas so that he may be pleasantly surprised. I’ve got the new fire engine red fly-away baby doll from Vicky’s Secret on, complete with the string bikini bottoms.
Time becomes meaningless. I watch the wax melt and form a small pool under the flame. I’m completely relaxed, continuing to focus on the flame. I don’t allow a single thought in; no expectations, no hopes, no wondering, no fantasizing, no planning. I breathe in the soft scent while repeating the word fire. My ears pick up on his soft padding across my bedroom floor.
I lift my eyes slightly, soaking in the beauty before me. He’s shirtless and barefooted. He’s got an old pair of Levis on, ragged and torn, button and zipper undone. His blue eyes meet mine, holding my gaze for a bit, and I watch as his eyes lower in appreciation, a slight smile spreading across his face. He’s also drawn to the flame, and together we concentrate on the candle for a bit.
He’s walking toward me, his right hand reaching for my left cheek. He slips his hand behind my neck, pulling me up toward him. I close my eyes when his lips touch mine. He’s told me over and over again I don’t allow myself to feel. To be pampered. To be taken care of. He wants and takes complete control over our night. My only job is to feel.
It’s becoming harder to concentrate on that one word as his kiss becomes deeper. I allow his tongue full access; he toys with the tip of my tongue then reaches deeper and lightly touches my front teeth. My arms are reaching up to wrap around his neck but he gently pushes them down and wraps his own arms around me in a hug.
The word going through my head changes as I feel myself becoming wet and ready. My breasts are becoming sensitive and my nipples are hardening. I feel his rugged hands slipping down my back, searching for the tie that is keeping my baby doll on. I press harder against him, concentrating on the feeling of my nipples against his chest. He doesn’t untie my top…instead he pulls his hands up slowly to my hair, plays with the shoulder length locks I have.
My hands reach below for the waistline of his jeans and he backs away without breaking our kiss. I drop my hands and he picks me up, lays me across the bed, reaches for the left tie on my bikini. All he has to do is pull the string on each side and I will be completely exposed to him. My arms again lift up to hug him as he pulls on the left tie. He shifts his weight; I realize he is going for the right side.
He breaks our kiss and lifts up for a moment. I open my eyes to see his intense gaze and hear him utter softly “You are so beautiful…”
I check myself, not allowing the normal comebacks to a remark like that to pass my lips. I give him a small smile, concentrating on the intense excitement I’m feeling between my legs. I’m starting to long for him.
He moves off me, cuddling up on my right side. He unties the front of my nightie, slowly lifts each cup from my breast, buries his head in my chest. I feel his tongue making small circles on my right breast…he continues going round and round until he reaches my stiff nipple. He stops the small circles and takes in as much of my breast as he can, using his tongue to rub aggressively against my nipple.
I draw in a quick, deep breath. The wetness and longing between my legs intensifies, I try to reach for his Levis again. I feel his hardness against my thigh. He doesn’t allow me access to his jeans but he does allow me to rub his back. I already know how much he enjoys a good back rub during sex. I am pleased he allows me to return some of the pleasure he is giving.
He moves away from my right nipple, tracing tiny circles with his tongue across my chest, aiming for my left breast. As he moves on top he removes what’s left of my nightie and bikini. I’m now completely open and vulnerable to him. My physical feelings are changing by the second. I’ve never participated in something like this before. I’m both frightened and highly aroused at the same time. I stop those thoughts immediately and return to concentrating on my feelings. He’s on top of me again, his knee opening my legs. I open myself for him, yearning for his touch, our connectivity. My hips involuntarily begin to rock back and forth against his leg; his hand slips down and touches my most intimate part. Again I draw a sharp, deep breath.
My feelings are becoming overwhelming. My body reaches for his hand as he feels his way through my hair, reaching my lips, tracing them firmly, and finds my clitoris. I jump when he touches it. My breathing is becoming faster and more labored. The thought that neither of us has said a word to each other crosses my mind. I squash it. My assignment is to feel. Something primal within me is trying to take over…my desperate need to touch him and connect with him is becoming more difficult to control.
I don’t think I’ve ever been this wet before. I worry briefly that I’m too wet, he won’t enjoy slipping inside me. I quickly remove that thought as well. I notice his breathing has changed. It’s quicker. A nearly inaudible groan escapes his lips. My hands go down again for his pants. I get no resistance this time; rather, with his free hand he assists me with relieving him of the excess clothes.
His dick is fully engorged, almost purple in color. I stroke him firmly, going all the way down to his balls, play with the hair down there for a few moments. He responds by slipping two fingers inside me while using his thumb to play with my clitoris.
I gave up trying to concentrate solely on my feelings. Instinct was taking over…I needed to feel him inside me lest I explode with anticipation. His mouth has once again found mine; our tongues play the familiar dance we do. I feel his weight shifting again, and know he is about to enter me. He brings his hand up to even out his weight; I lay patiently under him, legs spread, waiting for his dick to fill me yet again.
He doesn’t disappoint me; drops the head of his penis between my legs, pulls back, and does it again. And again. And again.
I’m ready to scream with frustration. He rubs his penis around my intimate area, lifts up again, pops the head of his penis inside me again. This time I’m waiting for it. When he pulls out I lift my hips toward him, maintaining our contact, deepening our connection.
He accepts it, immediately begins long, slow strokes. I close my eyes and concentrate completely on the feeling of his dick filling me up and withdrawing with slow, steady strokes. The fullness of him, his penis fully embedded in me, the stroking, is indescribable. He’s leaning on his elbows, thrusting steadily, eyes closed. I rub his back with my eyes closed, fully caught up in the moment.
I’m very sensitive to the slight changes going on within my lover. Orgasm was imminent. His thrusting quickened, my hands rubbed deeper into his back. I feel my own orgasm building and wonder if we were going to do this together. A rare, but special treat. His stroking increased and became harder. The first sparks of my own orgasm began, my rubbing stopped and fingers dig into his back. Aware of my body’s signals, my cowboy lover went at it even harder and faster.
The bloom of my orgasm opened slowly and stayed with me for a while. I was unaware of the loud moan I emitted; the only thing I could concentrate on was the feeling of his dick inside me and the mind-numbing pleasure as the orgasm completely washed over me. The intensive waves of pleasure finally stop and I realize my fingernails were deeply embedded in Heath’s back, He didn’t seem to mind, though. He’s stopped stroking and is out of breath, his head drops beside mine and he relaxes on me.
We both struggle to catch our breath. As the moments pass I become extremely sensitive yet still do not want him to leave. He eventually softens to point of being unable to stay inside. I wince as he slides out of my body. Heath rolls over to his side. He props his head on his hand and uses the other hand to lightly trace abstract patterns on my chest and tummy. I rest my hand on his hip.
I can see the flame from the position I’m in; I watch it again for a few moments. Heath’s deep, smooth voice breaks my concentration.
“How do you feel?”
I bring my eyes back to his, give him the biggest smile I could muster, and answer “Like a super powerball winner!”